Hello, My name is Jess, I am 25 and I have been singing since I was 11. I was trained classically as my first instrument is violin, but I then began popular voice coaching at the age of 16 with Joshua Alamu. This then led me to study my degree in Professional musicianship (Vocals) at BIMM Manchester (British Institute of Modern Music) for 3 years. I was surrounded by musicians every day and was gigging on a regular basis as well as learning about the music industry, songwriting, performance, recording, influence of social media and online presence etc. It was the most memorable 3 years. At the end of my degree, I moved back home to London and found a job in a Finance Technology company (very different haha) but this has allowed me to continue to pursue music outside of my working hours. In the time that I have been working in Liverpool Street I have also joined a 50 piece choir with City Academy. My range of repertoir is quite wide and I can sing Rhianna all the way to Franz Schubert due to my varied studies of music. I do have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page which I try to regularly post to and so I would be able to advertise any potential gigs. Thank you very much for reading my application and the opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon.