Hello! I am Imran and I run a YouTube channel called Khan Might Say where I teach guitar, play covers and share music I’ve written. I also perform live regularly at open mike events but also every second Sunday of the month for an organisation called Sunday Assembly in which I play bass and sing in a band and choir where we perform 4 pop songs. I practise playing guitar daily and I look after my voice. I sing every day but I take vocal care very seriously by ensuring I stay well hydrated, doing vocal warm-ups before sessions, having an ample supply of vocal zone and not smoking (to name a few things I do). I never drink alcohol either on the day of a gig. From years of this behaviour it means I have longevity in my voice and my performances. My musical pop song knowledge is extensive. I have quite an exceptional musical ear. I figure out how to play music by ear and I have a huge back catalogue of pop songs memorised allowing me to play a wide variety of covers spanning many decades. This skill also allows me to easily add to my repertoire when a certain song becomes popular. I keep in touch with what’s popular and have no qualms about playing any pop songs. I’m passionate, I’m driven and I’m reliable. I also have a very good live manner and ability to talk to a crowd by making them laugh, making them feel good and generally trying to ensure everyone has a good night! But if I’m required to hang back more to suit the vibe of a place I can do that too. My guitar ability also means that I can play covers in a variety of styles, like finger-picking style, for example, for a slower more “chilled” sound. I have a home studio as well and an advanced knowledge of audio production meaning that I can not only operate a PA but can make the music coming out of it sound good and palatable. If you choose me to entertain a crowd with pop covers I’m certain that you wouldn’t regret that decision.